Is Yoga or Pilates Better?

man in yoga pose

Yoga and Pilates are both physical exercises that can benefit the body. They share several similarities with very few differences between them. 

People have practised Yoga for years, but since the introduction of Pilates, there’s been a debate about which of the two is better. Some people prefer Yoga, while others opt for Pilates- but why?

From a medical perspective, Yoga seems more beneficial compared to Pilates. This is because Yoga provides both mind and body fitness. 

Additionally, it involves taking part in breathing techniques that can help improve general health. On the other hand, Pilates lays more emphasis on building specific core muscles in the body. 

It’s not that Pilates is less beneficial than Yoga; it just offers benefits in a different way that may not be as significant to the average person. Instead of choosing one or the other, you can do both Yoga and Pilates to boost your mental and physical health.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using both yoga and Pilate techniques during your routine exercise.

Both Pilates and Yoga Increase General Body Strength

man in yoga poseBoth exercises can activate different classes of muscles in the body. Pilates mainly works on core muscles, while Yoga can tune different muscle groups depending on the posture is taken. When the effects of these two exercises are combined, they can have a significant, long-lasting impact on the body’s muscular endurance. 

If done correctly and at the right time, Pilates and Yoga can make the body more resistant to fatigue. This especially applies to people who may have health conditions that directly affect their physical strength.

Yoga and Pilates Both Require no Special Equipment

In terms of cost, both exercises are very favourable since no special equipment is needed. 

Although it may help (and is recommended) to get a mat, it is not necessary. 

Pilates classes and yoga classes are similar, especially since the postures taken are almost the same. All these postures have to be done on flat ground, so there is rarely a need to acquire specialised equipment to get results.

Stress Reduction

A great deal of mental focus is required when taking a Yoga or Pilates posture. This can help to shift the attention of the mind, especially in situations where a person is suffering from high levels of stress.

Both bring about an improvement in Body Balance and Posture as well.

Pilates postures are known to improve the body’s natural position, which is why many celebrities prefer it to Yoga. 

When core muscles such as those found on the back are used from time to time, they become stronger, allowing them to take on the weight of the body without straining. 

In addition to this, it has been found that Pilates technique can improve the quality of muscles found in joints. Working these muscles repeatedly will put them in a better position to handle different sorts of weights. 

For example, the hamstrings need to be strong for a person to have good posture. Yoga can also deliver the same effects, but it will focus on tuning a different category of muscles. If both exercises are utilised, a person will have perfectly balanced muscles bringing about balance and proper posture.

Yoga and Pilates promote diaphragmatic breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is breathing technique which involves taking in large volumes of air while engaging the belly. It is the most preferred form of breathing because intake more oxygen per breath compared to thoracic breathing which is limited by the lungs. 

Practising diaphragmatic breathing may be difficult at first, but with the help of either Yoga or Pilates, you can master this technique very fast. Before one begins practising Pilates postures, breathing has to be stabilised. The same applies to Yoga so both can deliver the same results and a better one if combined.

Author: Contributor