Is Yoga Good for Weight Loss?

man and woman doing yoga

What is yoga?

Yoga is a practice that influences your physical, mental and spiritual development and helps you to bring out the best of yourself. People have been using this method to exercise and develop the best version of themselves for many years. 

Yoga is a gentle way to keep the body moving and sooth the mind; for some, it also develops their spiritual connection. There has been debate on the topic for many years, whether yoga is good for weight loss or not. 

Most people believe that yoga is a slow-paced way to lose weight, while others believe that yoga is a highly effective way to burn calories and shape your body. 

How Good is Yoga for Weight Loss?

Some types of yoga require more physical strength than others, but generally, it’s an aerobic exercise that doesn’t require much intense physical power. 

Yoga helps to create a good self-image and overcome stress, which is one of the main reasons for weight gain since many people are prone to stress eating that increases the level of their calorie intake. 

However, the yoga practices help them to relieve their stress and control their habits and emotions to which motivates them to lead a healthy life. Yoga develops self-awareness in the person that makes them conscious about what they intake and choose for themselves. 

woman doing crunches yogaIt brings a positive change in a person that helps them to listen to the inner voice and have the best for themselves. This involvement of yoga in their life helps to keep their body in shape and lose weight. 

Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle and adds lots of value to people’s lives. The regular practice of yoga burns calories and leads to prominent weight loss. 

There are many types of yoga, but the more physical kind of yoga helps you to burn more calories; these types of yoga are called the active or intense style of yoga, which prevents your body from gaining weight. 

Some of the physical types of yoga are Vinnytsia, Ashtanga and power yoga. If you want to practice yoga to lose your weight, try starting from the beginners level and build yourself up to the more physical types of yoga. 

The above three types of yoga are the most effective method to burn calories and every type differently by the body. 

Ashtanga Yoga 

In Ashtanga Yoga, the practitioner repeats the same series of poses and learns their sequence so they can practice the poses anytime, anywhere. Ashtanga Yoga is a form of gentle yoga that should be done at a slow pace.

Power Toga

Opposite of Ashtanga yoga, power yoga is an intensive form of yoga. The practitioner uses a series of poses to raise their body heat to stimulate sweating; it is also practised in a hot yoga studio. 

Vinyasa yoga 

Vinyasa Yoga is similar to the power yoga and also known as “hot yoga” as it is done in a hot studio just like power yoga. The goal of Vinyasa Yoga is to cause sweating to lose bodyweight.

Losing weight through yoga is only effective when you build a routine and practice at least four times a week for at max, one hour. 

It would be best if you started yoga from gentle and relaxing poses and then shift to the intense practice. This will build up your stamina and make your body flexible to do the more advanced movements. 

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