How Much Money can Rainwater tanks Save?

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Water is an essential resource in our everyday life. Although most people believe water is in abundance in the world, most parts of the world experience limited and scarce clean water at certain times of the year. It’s for this reason that there is water rationing from the main water supply areas, and the increased cost of water to help control water usage among households.

calculator planning financesTherefore, installing water tanks to save water during the rainy season seems like a sound decision to help curb not only periods of water scarcity, but also save on water billing costs. When analyzing water costs from the past years, one would not fail to realize that water costs keep rising.

This shows that in the coming year’s water costs will keep rising. A homeowner or industrial business manager who decides to install water tanks to save water is guaranteed for a future in which they will spend less money on water.

There are numerous types and sizes of water tanks in the market. These tanks are meant to cater to different types of households and their needs. Also, industrial firms can get access to water tanks which can fully meet their industrial needs and help them save money on water.

Water tanks are created to be used for 15-25 years depending on the type of the tank. During the initial stages of installing the water tank, you may end up using a considerable expense to ensure the water tank is correctly installed. However, this initial investment is of great use since, after the tank installation, the water stored will be used for several years, and you will only incur minimal expenses to maintain the water tank.

How water tanks help save your money

Free water supply:

By collecting rainwater in the water tank, you can take advantage of the free amount of water from your rooftop. Rain, once received and treated, it is safe to be used for a variety of purposes both in homes and for industrial activities.

This shows that you can access water freely in your home, without incurring any cost from your municipal main water supply. Therefore, the water collected can be used to water your gardens, use for house chores without being restricted by bills, or by the main water supply.

Long-term benefit of water tanks:

As earlier stated, during the initial stages of installing a water tank, one may use a lot of money. However, after installation, all the years that the tank will be in use, the collected water will be available and free to use in both rainy and drought seasons.

Profits experienced in Industrial setting:

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A company that opts to install water tanks for their industrial uses is guaranteed to experience profit margins in their finance. This is because, after the initial installation, the company will only have to treat the water and maintain the tank, while there will be available water to be used for several industrial activities.

Research shows that, when comparing the initial cost of installing a water tank to municipal main water supply cost, this including electricity and maintenance, it takes a period of 10 years to pay the cost of installation.

After that, the company will be experiencing profits in the company. Moreover, when the main supply water costs are increasing in the following years, the company will be saving a lot of money by using water tanks.

Saving main supply water use in households:

Homeowners that install water tanks to supplement their daily water usage save a significant amount of water every day. Research shows that homes that use water tanks save an average of 137 litres every day, that could have been paid for to the municipal water supply. In such houses, rainwater is used to supplement the main water supply. Hence rain is connected to the bathroom and restrooms, sinks, and garden. By using rainwater instead of the main supply water homeowners save a lot of money yearly.

Water tanks are essential for everyday use in most households. But more importantly, using water tanks can save families and industries a lot of money that could have been used to purchase the water.

The amount varies differently among households and industries. However, by using available data of your current water billing, one can determine the amount of money you can save for your family, or the profit to be expected once water tanks are installed for industrial usage.

Author: Melvin Watts